What he asked for:

After striking out speaking to the cruise lines directly, Richard knew he needed an advocate in planning his company’s annual corporate retreat at sea. He needed to make sure there was a ship with enough meeting space and sleeping rooms to accommodate his group.


What I booked for him:

I was able to secure a cruise that fit all of Richard’s criteria. 

I confirmed his desired meeting location on the ship, as well as made specialty dining reservations for the group’s VIPs. 

I also coordinated a continental breakfast for one of their morning sessions and buttoned up last minute details as their onboard concierge.

What he said:

I can’t believe I was going to do this by myself! Rita saved me so much time and heartache. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she always asked if there was anything else she could do. She was very patient in accommodating anything we needed.  She is definitely our go-to for future events.




What she asked for:

Christina wanted an out-of-the-box fundraising campaign.  She wanted to foster new relationships within her non-profit organization and help increase funds to their cause.


What I booked for her:

After suggesting to Christina that a portion of her cruise revenue could be donated to her organization, I booked them on a lovely cruise where her group could connect not only through onboard activities but also by reserving meeting space for private events. I coordinated all aspects of their cruise including creating an informational document, so attendees knew what to expect. Because I was their onboard concierge, I was also able to re-arrange locations when their outdoor walk-a-thon got rained out.


What she said:

We had such a great time on our cruise. We got to get to know each other on a more meaningful level while raising some funds for our cause. Everyone was well-informed, so the embarkation process went smoothly. Thank you, Rita!





What they asked for:

Katelyn and Jacob wanted something different for their wedding—to make it a fun-filled experience for all their guests.  They wanted a beautiful island wedding that could not be replicated, and someone to oversee all the coordination.

What I booked them:

I booked them and their group a fabulous cruise on the Caribbean.  I coordinated all aspects of the island wedding including location, décor, musician, and transport to/from the port.  I also coordinated the onboard reception and finalized little details prior to them entering the lounge, as I was their onboard concierge.

What they said:

We can’t believe she got us our dream wedding!  Not only was the day and location gorgeous, but she nailed every little detail without us having to worry or stress on our big day.  More importantly, we got to spend precious time with our family and friends like never before.