• Rita M. Perez

Your employees will prefer one too!

We've talked about how beneficial cruise retreats would be to your overall organization and company, but how exactly does a cruise retreat benefit your employees, and why do they prefer these types of retreats? Let's dig in!

1. It gets them out of the grind- A cruise retreat gets your employees out of the typical office and local setting. This gives them the space to work on things outside of the norm, and provides a new environment for ideas to flourish. It also provides a dedicated space for creativity to arise, but also let loose and get to know their peers in a more relaxed setting.

2. Appreciation on a another level- If you're even considering a cruise retreat for your company, it already shows how much you appreciate and love on your employees as part of your work culture. Their appreciation for a people first organization that takes them on a cruise…whoa! They always say to give more than you get, and the dedication and increased productivity you will receive as appreciation for this gesture--I know that's not why you are doing this, but it certainly won't hurt to receive as one of the outcomes.

3. Something to look forward to- One of my clients has employees asking for when the next cruise retreat will be (they hold one annually, and of course this year's was cancelled due to covid). It sort of works as an incentive to be more productive, while they wait for the next one. On the flip side, it is also something that is brought up and talked about throughout the year, reminiscing in the memories made and projects imagined.

If you're thinking about planning a cruise retreat for your employees, or clients, in 2022 or 2023, now is the perfect time to begin the planning. Because of this, I'm making a big announcement on my podcast today, that you surely won't want to miss! You can listen in here; it's Episode 37. If you're ready to start chatting now, you can schedule your brainstorming session here.

Happy Cruising!


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