• Rita M. Perez

You've paid off your cruise--now what?

This week's blog is the second in a series I'm going to affectionately call the "Now What?" series :) The first one gave tips on things to focus and on and do once you book your cruise. This one of course will get you the scoop on what you need to be doing once you have paid your cruise off. Enjoy!

1. Check in online- The is the single-most important item on the list.If you check out after this, I'd still be ok lol...but also, please don't lol! Go to your cruise line's website and check in online. You will need your passport and credit card information available. Once completed, you'll be able to print out your boarding documents and print your luggage tags. The more luxurious the brand, the less printing you will end up doing.

2. Book your tours and shore excursions- The research you previously did will be paying off at this stage. If you haven't already, go ahead and book those tours and excursions.

3. Buy your gear- If needed. This includes necessary wardrobe, and travel-sized toiletries. Maybe you need some voltage converters or international plugs, as well. Whatever you need for this specific trip, don't procrastinate. Trust me, you'll have a lot less stress when checking this off the list now.

4. Check for upgrades- Regarding air, your airline may offer affordable upgrades to premium economy or business class. Be sure to look out for these on their website. Regarding the ship, your cruise line may off a bidding program where you can place a bid to an upgraded cabin. It's not guaranteed, but they will let you know closer to sailing if you have "won" the upgrade and charge your credit card.

5. Continue the countdown- Maybe do a 30, 60, 90 day countdown in your calendar or planner. That helps me to gauge how much time is left for my travel, as well as how much time I have to get all my stuff done. After Day 30, you may consider going weekly, and after the last week, you may consider going daily...you catch my drift?

Is there something else that you do after paying off your cruise? Perhaps a happy dance celebrating you have paid off your latest journey :) Whatever you do, or don't do, please do not hesitate to ask me questions. I love to assist where I can. AND, send me those tips! I'd love to share great practices with everyone.

Happy Travels,


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