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You're about to Cruise--now what??

Ok, so you might not necessarily be about to cruise right now, but you will be in the future. I'm feeling it's time for another blog in my "Now What?" series :) If you haven't been following along, you can check out "You've booked your cruise" here and "You've paid off your cruise" here. This week I'm focusing on--you're about to leave for your cruise, now what? Let's take you on my personal journey--Enjoy! 1. Pack!- Definitely number one on the agenda at this stage. I used to be a "night before" packer and that just started giving me too much anxiety. My new method is to set aside my outfits the weekend before my cruise. Then I actually put things in my suitcase 2 nights before travel, giving me a hopefully, peaceful night before cruising. 2. Pack 2.0- In addition to making sure I have all my outfits, all of the documents I had previously gathered from the first two stages, I make sure to pack those or have them nearby my carry on. This includes my passport/visa, and paper copies of all my confirmations because I'm both old-fashioned and know technology loves Murphy's Law. 3. Pack 3.0- I know, how much packing can you do? But each component is pretty important. This last portion is to make sure you have all important vitamins and medications on hand for the duration of your trip, and some extra. That last part is particularly important because of the recent travel delays and quarantines experienced due to Covid19. 4. Secure the premises- Very important to make sure you make the necessary precautions to secure your home before traveling. Something I always remember is to have a family member or neighbor be on the lookout, especially with any packages that might be coincidentally delivered while I'm gone. I did write an article on this and other tips for securing your home here, in case you're interested in learning more. 5. Ancillary items- Ok, so I may have written an article with this information as well :) You can access it here. Some information you may know, like checking with your cell phone company on what their global plan is, and some may be new, like registering in the STEP program.

There really is just so much information in this Now What Series. Do you think creating a checklist for each section would be helpful to you? Please let me know and I'll add that to my to do list for you :) I have one more installment coming at you next month--Boarding Day! Make sure to be on the lookout :)

Happy Travels, Rita

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