• Rita M. Perez

Why I would rather cruise with a group...

There's just something about the group experience, that you can't duplicate as a solo traveler.  Do I think solo travel is important--of course!  But if I had to vote, I'd always vote to cruise with a group and here's why:  1.  Shared Experiences--  I feel this is a two-fer.  My first point is that it is just so much fun to share experiences and create memories.  I will never forget when we (aunt, uncle, brother, and cousins) went to Glacier Gardens and at the top of the peak, we saw a bald eagle flying above our flag.   My second point is when the group splits up to cater to certain needs.  There were a few times where I was with my aunt and uncle, and my brother was with my cousins.  It was so much fun at the end of the day to all get back together and share our new, yet separate memories--and boy did my brother and cousins have a good one lol! 2.  In Case of Emergency--  While emergencies are on the low end of something that could happen on a cruise, it is nice to know that you won't be alone if something does arise.  Man, was a I so incredibly grateful that my brother was with me when I wasn't feeling well on the first night. 3.  Convenience--  So, if the first two were a little mushy, let's get on to the real reason you want to cruise with a group--you're looking out for yourself!  LOL!  You don't have to pay the single supplement if you have a roomie.  While you wait in line for food, the other half of the group can save a table for you in the dining room.  Running late for your shore excursion?  Don't worry--your group will (hopefully) hold the bus a little for you.  As they say, teamwork makes the dream work, and this is certainly what happens when you're cruising with a group. So tell me--do you also prefer cruising in groups?  If you do, is it because of one of these reasons, or do you have another funny story to share?  If you prefer solo cruising, where have you been solo and how did you enjoy that experience? Looking forward to getting to know you just a little bit better :)

Happy Travels,