• Rita M. Perez

Want to hear what the execs said?

If you saw from my Instagram last week, I was at a conference called Cruise World, virtually, of course. Especially after the big recent announcements in the cruise industry, it was really important that I attend--all the big wigs from many of the cruise line were going to be speaking and I would like to share some things that I learned.

1. They were ready for December This is what I was originally suspecting--that cruising from the States would start in December. And apparently the cruise lines were fully prepared to do so, however the CDC added a few extra curve balls. The cruise lines are taking extra to make those preparations.

2. Official restart is looking more like… Late January or early February--woohoo! I think the rest of November and part of December will consist of the cruise lines finishing preparations, and late December/early January will be the successful test cruises.

3. Reservations are strong I know many of you may be thinking…woohoo people aren't cruising, we're going to get a deal. Not so much. Every single executive talked about how reservations are really strong meaning…if you're even remotely thinking of cruising in 2021, or even 2022, I would start reaching out to me sooner than later. I have a feeling that when the official restart dates are announced, prices will start going up even more.

4. Starting small to grow strong Not all the ships will be sailing at restart (of course), and not all of the ports will be opening either. Florida is the resounding restart state, with Texas and New York coming next (but I'd say more like a few months after Florida). Cruises will be limited to 3 and 4 nights, per the CDC, and many of the lines will be utilizing their private islands as ports. The lines are hoping to be able to sail 7 day itineraries by the summer.

Do you have any specific questions to cruises restarting soon? Let me know! I'd love to share more info with you on what I know, and the things I'm suspecting as well. Have a great week!

Happy Cruising,