• Rita M. Perez

Traveler, sea what can be done!

Last month, I was cruising with one of my corporate clients on their annual team retreat. Haven't done a photo journal in quite some time, so thought this would be the perfect opportunity to sneak in some pics I took, to show you what is possible for your group.

Chef's Table

Perfect location for an intimate dining experience

Pacifica Theater

This was our first year utilizing the ship's theater. Made for a perfect location for the keynote speech.

Main Dining Room

Sit down dining room breakfast option. Buffet style in the middle, with the option to order specialty plates from a menu.

Card Room

We didn't utilize this space, but I peeked in real quick because it looked like a great space for a small meeting.

Upgraded Continental Breakfast

On our final sea day, we had a nice breakfast set up in the Colony Club.

And there you have just a few ways that we can utilize the spaces on a ship to move your and your team's goals forward. As always, consultations are complimentary. Let's chat today to create your own group cruise program.

Happy Travels,


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