• Rita M. Perez

Traveler, here's some trends you can use!

Despite everything that has happened in our crazy Jumanji 2020, I know that human connection is needed more now than ever. Whether you've been cooped up too long in quarantine and/or you're missing friends and family like crazy, the yearning to be close to others increases with each passing day. Many of the events where we would be gathered at have been cancelled or remained postponed for a lengthened amount of time. While that unfortunately won't be changing soon, I did want to provide you with some ways you could incorporate the meeting and events trends for 2020 (I know...hilarious) to your next meeting at sea. 1. Wellness- I believe as a world, we are becoming more conscious, and thus are your attendees. While the cruise line does provide many food options (and can accommodate), and while they also offer a gym and daily classes, do you think that your group would appreciate a private fitness offering? Could be an early morning yoga session or an afternoon on the jogging track--when we have your planning session we can brainstorm ideas that would fit your group aesthetics. 2. Group Size- Sizes are also increasing, and what does this mean for you the meeting planner? Need to plan earlier than previously expected. Meetings at sea are becoming increasingly popular and both meeting space and cabins are filling faster than before. 3. Charity- Amongst all travel segments, groups are not only more conscious to healthy living, but also to giving back to the communities they are visiting. A community project can be done in lieu of an excursion. Examples of these projects include setting up water filtration systems, constructing foundations for homes, and helping local business women with daily tasks. We can discuss some options for your particular ports during our planning session. 4. Apps- While I myself am very old fashioned and love a paper event schedule, many attendees are yearning for an app to keep track of all the events. It's more environmentally friendly, of course, and gives you less "stuff" to carry around the cruise ship. Software like Cvent would provide a great partnership for your meeting at sea.

These are just a few of the trends that are increasing in popularity in the meetings and events world. Well...at least they were. Prior to the pandemic, were you noticing any other trends that you feel could be translated well to a group cruise program? Happy Travels, Rita

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