• Rita M. Perez

Traveler, are you ready for the sun or the ice?

I'm realizing that it has been quite some time since our last showdown! Dun, Dun, DUN!!!!! Lol can you hear it :) So since we're dreaming, I wanted to go on an expedition--and this is going to be very helpful for my adventure/gear aficionados. Are you going to the sun in the Galapagos or the ice in Antarctica?? The Galapagos Islands are a collection of islands, or archipelago, in Ecuador.

Top Experiences: 1.  Snorkeling with sea lions - And other beautiful creatures of the ocean--sting rays, sea turtles, and gorgeous tropical fish. 2.  Hiking the tropical desert  - Volcanic rock, cacti, orange dirt pathways, and a plethora of greenery complement this magnificent hiking experience. 3.  Charles Darwin Research Station  - Learn more about the conservation efforts for the Galapagos Islands and the abundance of native species with a stop to the station. Antarctica is one of the seven continents in the world. To cruise there, you will leave from Argentina.

Top Experiences: 1.  Polar Plunge  - Yep, I said it, jump straight into the Antarctic waters for both a blood rushing thrill to awaken the senses and cross this unique experience off your bucket list. 2.  Camp in the snow  - Another extremely unique adventure--did you ever think you'd be able to actually camp on one of the Antarctic glaciers? And yep--the ship does bring it's version of port-a-potties out for your every convenience. 3.  Kayak through the icebergs  - While kayaking, you may get lucky and be joined by humpbacks, orcas, penguins, or seals.

And there you have it--two very different experiences, but both with so many similarities. Both of these experiences are reached by first traveling to charming South America. If you've got adventure in your soul, both places should be on your bucket list! Same with aficionados of the natural world--not only are there bounties of wildlife, but the vistas of each environment is absolutely breathtaking. But you know we have to have a winner :) While I indeed want to visit both regions, the Galapagos is currently winning my showdown. I think I need to slightly have some more courage for all the adventurous things Antarctica has to offer. Additionally, the Galapagos just seem so much more accessible and a little more my current speed--relaxation and exploration. What about you--which region wins your showdown and why? Happy Travels, Rita

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