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Travel without these--you bet I won't! Part 2!

Last year I put together an initial list of things I always bring with me when I travel. If you don't remember that or never saw it, you can check it out here on my blog. Here's a continuation of that list, of things I always bring with me on my travels:

1. Creature comforts- These are the things you use on a more normal basis, that may not necessarily be accessible at the hotel or cabin. Some of these I make sure to bring with me are baby wipes and my hair dryer. I know--most hotel rooms and cabins will include a hair dryer, but if you've ever suffered the anguish of a cheap hair dryer eating up your hair--you just don't chance it lol! Am I right?!

This item would also include something sentimental. I've known friends and family members who have traveled with a small pillow or blanket to either help with emotional support, or just have something from home close by.

2. Poopouri- Really needs know explaining here lol--this serves as protection, not only for you, but also your fellow travel roomies.

3. External battery pack- Along with making sure I have all the appropriate chargers, I always pack a charged external battery. These are particularly important for what can be long and arduous travel days. You don't want be with low battery and no place to charge.

4. Planned itinerary- Ok this isn't something I always take, but it usually happens lol. For every big trip, I've made a customized itinerary with everything I've planned to do with whomever I'm traveling with. I've been doing this for some years now lol. I think it all started with my California trip where we were going to be staying in 3 different cities with multiple tours and dining reservations--I just had to keep everything organized or I would go cuckoo! Anyone else?

If you'd like to know more about the itineraries I make, please let me know and I can share one with you for reference. Things are somewhat color-coded as well, and after a while, the itinerary becomes ingrained in my mind.

Do you make sure to travel with anything on this list, or my previous one? Do you have something I haven't mentioned before that you'd like to share? I'd love to hear--literally like a sponge when it comes to travel topics :)

Happy Travels,


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