• Rita M. Perez

Travel to 6 Continents on One Ship?

Last week I mentioned it, but in case you missed it, cruises sailing from the United States won't be starting up again until May at the soonest. While we wait, I so know that we are all dreaming. We're all ready to get out and go back exploring right? I know this year still seems a little choppy in terms of travel, but I have a pretty good feeling that 2022 is going to be where it's at. If you'd like to get a jumpstart and start the planning now (I know I'm going to lol!), please shoot me an email or send me a text and let me know where you are looking forward to cruising next year. I'd be happy to look at some itineraries that meet your bucket list needs for next year.

Speaking of bucket list, let's get into today's blog theme--world cruises! Have you heard of this offering before? Yes, it's a cruise that literally circumvents the globe, and of course, I'm going to need to do one in my lifetime :) Let's learn a little more, so you can see, if this is something you would like to aspire to, also.

1. Where would I go?- Everywhere! Just kidding--but some itineraries CAN take you to 6 of the 7 continents in one go around. A sample itinerary departs from Fort Lauderdale and heads to South America with a stop in Colombia. Head on through Central America via the Panama Canal with some stops in Mexico as well. After a stop in Los Angeles, cruise on over to Hawaii, and then the beautiful South Pacific and cross the International Date Line. Next you're going down under in New Zealand and Australia.

At about the halfway point, you'll make some stops in Asia, and then head to Africa with stops in Jordan, Egypt, and Israel. More visits in the Mediterranean are the perfect way to end your world cruise with a final departure in Rome, Italy. Lots of sea days in between help you rest and recoup in between ports. Each cruise line operates different itineraries, so if this doesn't spark your interest, no worries at all. (I did skip some of the ports in this sample also because this email would've been like double in length lol!)

2. How long would I be gone?- It depends--for 2022, I saw world cruises as short as 88 days (the sample itinerary), and as long as 138 days (aka as short as 3 months and as long as 4.5 months). I've also seen where sometimes, you can go on partial world cruises. For example, let's say you really want to see one part of the itinerary, but not the other…or maybe you only have enough time to do one portion of the cruise. There are pre-arranged world cruise chunks, so you just can't pick and choose, but nice to know there are shorter options, if needed.

3. Tell me what I really want to know- World cruises are a premium/luxury offering, and they're pricing is similar to any cruise--the more luxury, the more inclusions. The sample itinerary at 88 days starts at about $22,000 per person in a balcony cabin, or about $250 a day, which is very reasonable. The more days, the more money of course, and same with inclusions. Some cruise lines offer included business class air and transfers at no extra charge, which can be super helpful, especially when en route to/from your bucket list cruise.

What do you think--could you see yourself on a world cruise one day? I'd like to do it once. Not sure if I could take such a long break more than once. I do feel it is one of those boxes that you need to get “x”ed out on the cruise bucket list bingo board, though.

Happy Cruising,