• Rita M. Perez

Transform your Clients on a Retreat at Sea

This week I wanted to talk to you about the other side of cruises with impact--cruises for small business owners, specifically, coaches. You could always do a retreat, or take it up a notch and plan a mastermind intensive at sea. Here's why you should consider a mastermind at sea for your next business retreat:

1. More cost effective- This greatly helps reduce your up front costs, as much of the meeting space to gather your mastermind will be included in the cruise fare. Similarly, you won't have to plan menus, or plan the out-of-pocket expense of food and beverage, as that is also included in the cruise fare.

2. Get creative juices to flow- You're literally in the middle of an ocean--one of the perfect natural backdrops. The ocean will be a great place of inspiration, as will the private event space, and people watching. Your attendees can be as disconnected as they choose, leaving them with as much room to let the juices flow, as they like or need.

3. Best bonding experience- As I've said a few times before, traveling is one of the best bonding experiences with other humans. Traveling to Tunisia for one of my friend's weddings was one of the reasons I started my travel business back in 2010. The relationships built are one thing, but then you bring everyone in conversation together…to new travel experiences together. I can already see the sparks.

Regardless of whether you bring your group aboard for some much needed down time, dedicated strategy sessions, or an educational retreat, hosting it on a cruise ship can only produce some wonderful results, they just won't get from a hotel conference room. Ready to start brainstorming? Schedule a Zoom with me today!

To your success,