• Rita M. Perez

They're following the leader, the leader, the leader

This week's blog is all about you and your desire to be a group leader. You want to be a group cruise leader, but do you have what it takes? Here's some of the characteristics it takes to being a successful group leader:

1. Charisma- Are people naturally drawn to you? Do people take your advice? Are your events jam-packed? Do you have a big "fan" base? These are all good signs for a successful group leader.

2. Enthusiasm- If you're not excited, you won't be able to get your group excited.

3. Leadership- Your group cruisers are going to be looking to you for guidance while on the trip. Of course, you're not going to know everything because you're not exactly in your element, but a true leader will know how to find out the answers to queries. Leadership is also about maintaining and demonstrating the right attitude in front of your lambs.

4. Flexibility- Things don't always go as planned in your business; the same may happen on your trip. The flex muscles you use on land, will most likely be needed in some situation abroad. Just as you would want clients to show you grace, be sure to show the same grace should something arise.

Also note that with these characteristics, it is an all or none situation--you can't have the first three, without also being flexible. You just won't be successful. You're leading by example and the example you put out on your trip, will follow you back home to your business. And of course, the continued success of your business is why you are implementing a group cruise program in the first place.

Group cruises are not for everyone nor every business. But when the perfect synergy comes together, it is like a beautiful melody playing. And you, group leader, are the conductor. If you're thinking you have what it takes, please do not hesitate to reach out for a complimentary consultation.

Happy Travels!


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