• Rita M. Perez

The ban has been lifted!!

If you've followed me on my social networks, you know how ecstatic I was when Friday's announcement came out that the CDC lifted the cruise ban in the Americas!  Here's the important tidbits about it that you need to know: 1. It's Conditional The cruise lines need to prove to the CDC that they can safely sail--and I know they will.  The executives know what's at stake for the industry and everyone who has been so greatly affected these past months.  Just like Europe has been strict, I know our sailings will be equally as strict.  As a passenger, be prepared to follow these protocols.  If that doesn't sound like something you want to do, it would be better for you to wait to cruise until the rules are relaxed. 2. Testing, Testing As I write, the cruise lines are already moving ships around to go pick up crew to test the new protocols.  I'm sure there will be extensive training going on this next month on both safety and sanitation protocols.  And then there'll be test sailings--I'm really excited for this as I'm not-so-secretly hoping they invite travel advisors onboard to be testers.  IF this were to happen, I don't think it will happen this month, but in December. 3. January 2021 Many cruise lines have already announced an extension of suspensions through the end of December.  While this did bum me out, I think they are giving themselves extra time to get all the kinks worked out before opening up sailings to consumers.  I'm going to say that January 2021 will be the unofficial/official month where we start cruising again…and I'm also thinking we won't get official word of that until December. And there you have it!  That's the 411 on what the lifting of the cruise ship ban really means, and my thoughts on the near future of cruising.  Do you have any questions--please shoot them at me :)  I'd love to help clarify anything for you.

Happy Cruising,