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Still not travelling, but always dreaming!

Today we are going to be "cruising" through the Baltics! The Baltic countries are of course situated on the Baltic sea--in the northeastern part of Europe. I first fell in love with them when I learned of them at one of my industry conferences a few years ago. They are very friendly in person and to the environment. Let's dive in a little deeper to some of the key experiences on one of these cruises.

1. Hermitage- Located in St. Petersburg, Russia (I know not, not Europe, but it does border the sea), The Hermitage is the world's second largest museum. The gorgeous green and gold building was erected by the Empress Catherine the Great, with the beautiful works of art she acquired.

2. Stone Church- Heading over to Helsinki, we will find the Temppeliaukio Church, which was only opened in 1969. It is made up entirely of stone--yep you guessed it! It does have a beautiful copper roof, and natural light floods in from the outside.

3. Seven Sisters Falls- Norway is home to a plethora of beautiful and tall waterfalls. Named after the seven streams that make up the falls, the legend is that the Suitor, another waterfall in the same fjord, flirts with the sisters across the way.

4. Old Town Tallinn- The capital city of Estonia is another of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. I, personally, have been to another one of these cities--Regensburg in Germany. Absolutely timeless. Winding and narrow cobblestone streets, red roofs, and Gothic spires are parts of the classic architecture of this UNESCO World Heritage Site.

5. Tivoli Gardens- Our last stop takes us to Walt Disney's inspiration for his theme parks. Located in Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens is not only a garden, but also an amusement park with a delightful array of attractions. Just like the Disney parks, it was erected as a place to take your cares away, all the way back in 1843!

Alright, let's go, I'm ready! I know, I know, now is not quite the time, but I'm so ready to see the wondrous world again. Are you? What places has your mind been drifting off to when you get a second? Did you have a favorite from this list--or maybe you can guess what is mine? :)

Happy Travels!


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