• Rita M. Perez

Sail to Europe or in the States?

I wanted to do a little something different (and short and sweet) when it comes to comparing destinations, especially in our current situation.

This week I'm lining up popular travel motives with some of the best rivers to sail for them in the United States or across Europe. These types of cruises are great for checking off your bucket list, going on an intimate executive retreat, or sharing together with your small business clients, or organization members.

1. Wine Lovers-

Europe: Rhone River in the Provence area of France

U.S.: Columbia and Snake Rivers in the Pacific Northwest

2. Historic Wars-

Europe: Seine River leads to the beaches of Normandy

U.S.: Potomac River in the lands of the American Revolutionary War

3. Music Aficionados-

Europe: Danube River is home to the great Austrian Composers

U.S.: Tennessee and Cumberland Rivers in the Country Music Capital

4. Christmas Markets-

Europe: Rhine River in the magical Western Europe

U.S.: Lower Mississippi River in the heart of a Southern Christmas

So which category motive do you fall in? As you know, I'm a sucker for those Christmas Market cruises. Of course, I can't wait to head back to Europe, but it is nice to know that there is a similar option closer to home. Are any of these options surprising to you?

Happy Cruise Dreaming,