• Rita M. Perez

Ready to visit these sites this summer?

If you have not already seen--I have created a Free Guide for you to download on some of the itineraries that are available for Americans this summer. In the spirit of that guide and the amazing itineraries available, I wanted to share some quick destination highlights of places to visit in some of the highlighted ports.

1. Bermuda: Pink sands and turquoise beaches. I was actually going to be visiting Bermuda myself, this fall, but alas, that sailing was also suspended. Horseshoe Bay Beach is the picturesque landscape we all think of when dreaming of Bermuda. Elbow Beach is another close fave. Bermuda is great for groups with varied interests, as you can go hiking, golfing, or cave exploring.

2. Cyprus: Limassol is both an embarkation and visiting port, depending on which itinerary you select. Rich in history, one of your stops must include the archaeological site of Kourion, whom the Greek God, Apollo, was once celebrated as its protector. There is also Aphrodite's Rock where it is fabled that she emerged from the sea.

3. Jerusalem: You can visit Jerusalem on either a day stop or an overnight. I think there is so much I would want to do, personally, that I would need to overnight. When I think of Jerusalem, the first picture that comes to mind is of the Western Wall, where you can slip prayers into the cracks of the wall. Via Dolorosa is another area I would spend time at, as it follows the route of Jesus' walk to His crucifixion.

4. Athens: Athens is another port that you can both depart from, or visit on a stop. My first stop, after eating some delicious Greek delicacies, would be straight to the magnificent Acropolis to see the ruins, especially the Parthenon. Athens has a variety of historical museums, and you can also visit a replica of the original Olympic Stadium.

While I didn't touch on them here, there are beautiful areas to also visit on the Caribbean itineraries. So which itinerary is speaking to you most now? Island hopping at the dreamy Caribbean beaches, or walking through history in the Mediterranean Sea?

Happy Dreaming,