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Race to the Northern Lights!

Today's blog is something we all hope (I assume, because I do!) to see in person one day--the Aurora Borealis, aka Northern Lights.  Let me know if you've already seen them :)  I know we're all racing to see these beauties, especially out of quarantine status.  Here's where you can find them while cruising:  1.  Alaska--  This should come as no surprise, as to get the best view of the lights, you have to go north :)  The best time to cruise to see the lights is in September, at the end of the Alaska cruise season.  The best view will be from the interior of Alaska, so an option is to add a cruise tour to the front or back-end of your cruise, making sure to stop in Fairbanks. 2.  Iceland--  Another that should come as no surprise, but I bet you didn't think ships cruised there--surprise!  This is actually how I was going to be visiting Iceland this year, myself, except not during Northern Lights time.  Here is another September option, as the days are long during summer, and the winters bring choppy seas.  Your cruise would need to overnight in Reykjavik, so you can get into prime viewing spot late at night, without the ship leaving you behind. 3.  Norway--  Lastly, another wonderful September option.  The closer you can get to the Arctic Circle, the better.  A port you should shoot for is Tromso.  Can you imagine sailing on the smooth glass-like Norwegian fjords as the lights playfully dance above you in the sky? Now while these are all wonderful cruise options, it is important to note that seeing the Aurora is never guaranteed, even with the best laid plans.  Where do you think you'll try to see the lights from?  I'm personally wanting to try a late cruise throughout Alaska--don't think I'll ever be able to get enough of that beautiful state.

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