• Rita M. Perez

Let's have a Tech Talk!

This week I wanted to share some tech the is available to utilize onboard ships…and at no additional cost, unless you require a technician. Even for the technician, pricing pales in comparison to what you will find land-side.

1. Sound: Music, sound effects, mood music--all part of the sound technician's duties. They will also connect your presentation platform to the ship's AV system.

2. Lighting: Need a spotlight for your Keynote? Special colors for your company? Mood lighting to depict emotions as a presentation plays out?

3. Microphones: These can be wired or wireless, depending on the ship.

4. Projector/Projection Screen: To display your presentation, or photo slide shows.

I know these seem very simple for tech requirements, but a lot of people don't know you can use this equipment on board for retreats, and secondly don't know at what a steal you can utilize them for. And these items are really just the beginning, as you can also request to use things like a podium and signage, as well. Have questions? Let's chat on a brainstorming call :)

Happy Connecting,


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