• Rita M. Perez

Let's go on an expedition!

When I say “expedition”, what do you think of? My Disney heart automatically thinks of Expedition Everest, but I'm not talking about that type of expedition :) Expedition according to the dictionary roughly means “a journey for exploration”, and that's exactly what expedition cruises provide. Whether sailing for personal travel, or an executive team retreat, expeditions cruises are once-in-a-lifetime bucket list cruises.

1. What types of ships sail? Smaller ships in the realm of 200 passengers or less. These sailings are typically a more elevated experience with the reduced passenger count. Also, unlike the larger ships that have tender boats, these smaller ships house zodiacs which make it possible to 1- have more small group experiences and 2- get closer

2. Where can you sail to? Literally sail to the ends of the Earth--from as North as the Arctic (Norway), and as South as Antarctica. If you don't want to be too cold, the Pacific Northwest is another really great option. If you are looking for something more tropical, you'll be heading to the Galapagos, Costa Rica, or the South Pacific.

3. Who are these best for? Inquisitive minds. Someone looking for inspiration. Wildlife and geology aficionados. Cruisers looking for exclusive and intimate experiences and wanting to get up close and personal with the scenery and Wildlife. These are life-changing experiences, so business-wise, these are best suited for bonding-type retreats.

4. What's the onboard experience like? Very different from a large ship experience-- you won't be seeing any lavish shows here. These cruises really are all about the destination and immersion. Experts, like naturalists and conservationists, are brought on board (and also come along on the zodiac rides) to lecture of the things you will be seeing each day.

As you can see, expedition cruising is vastly different than the typical “cruise” definition. It may or may not be for you, but at least now you know, kinda :) I did a Showdown last year between the Galapagos and Antarctica, and they are still on my bucket list. These types of cruises just sound so rejuvenating to me, and a great time to unplug and take in all of nature's beauties. What do you think--are expedition cruises a yay or a nay for you? Til next week…

Happy cruise dreaming,


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