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Let's get to know each other--Quarantine Edition!

So in the spirit of the quarantine, I wanted to do 7 Fun Facts: Quarantine Edition. Please have fun with this and send me back your seven responses to these, also :)

Favorite thing to do on quarantine- Puzzles, hands down!

Something you did for someone else- Made puzzle presents for my aunt and mom...super early Christmas and Mother's Day presents lol.

Something you hate doing- Cleaning the grocery delivery.

Something new you've learned- I learned a lot about tower gardening this weekend. Was hoping to get one started, but seeds and seedlings are miraculously sold out online lol. I'm also in the middle of a content marketing course.

Something you wish you had- A chef, lol! A nicer patio, too.

Something you're thinking of doing- Dying my hair purple, investing in a nice patio sofa, and changing up the room layout of my guestroom.

Have you watched Tiger King?- Oh yes lol--really takes the reality of the virus away.

Alrighty, there's my fun facts in this quarantine. Please, please, please indulge me by replying back with your answers :)

Happy Travels!


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