• Rita M. Perez

Let's get to know each other again!

It's about time I did another 7 fun facts!  If you're new to fun facts, I share some fun facts about me, and you email me back to see if we have any of them in common :)  Let's go!

1. I have Hashimoto's Disease--and autoimmune disease related to the thyroid.  I mention this one because I've been increasingly experiencing more symptoms that make me think I really need to go back to being gluten free :(  I am the queen of sweets and carbs lol, so this is going to be challenging, but it'll be worth it for my health.

2. I love pets, but I don't have any (and I like it that way lol).  The last pets I had were freshwater fish, but I gave them away when I had to do lots of construction work in my house last year.  

3.  I am deeply saddened by the loss of Chadwick Boseman, aka Black Panther.

4.  I just booked my first plane ticket for a trip at the end of this month!  Nothing fancy, but I feel much safer heading to the airport on an airplane than I do going to the stores.  (Still haven't gone to any stores yet, ps!)

5.  I love cereal for dinner.  Guess I better find some gluten free favorites to get me by ;)  Accepting recommendations as well.

6.  I love binging on YouTube lol.  I follow flight attendants, gardeners, a British family, travelers/cruisers, and more!

7.  I think orange is my least favorite color--pretty sure I don't have anything orange in my closet.

And there you have it--7 fun facts about me :)  Did we match anywhere this time?  Do you have something wildly different?  Maybe you LOVE the color orange?  Let me know!