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It's Boarding Day--now what??

So, I was thinking this was going to be the last installment of the "now what?" series...but nope! This week's article will talk about all the excitement on boarding day, while the final installment will talk about the very sad, final day and debarkation. Man, I'm going to get super nostalgic writing this...have I mentioned how much I miss cruising :'( 1. Porters- When you get to the port with your luggage, the porters, or luggage assistants, will be eagerly awaiting you to help with your luggage. You can choose to carry it on, but I prefer to check it in with the porters. Make sure to have your cruise luggage tags on each piece of luggage you are checking in, so they know where to deliver it. If you forget to print them out or are missing one, no fear, the porters will have spares also. Be sure to tip them $1-2 per piece of luggage you check in. 2. Security and Check In- Have your cruise documents and passport ready, as they will need to be verified various times around the terminal. To be sure you get through security (and all your items), make sure to read your cruise line's guidelines before leaving home. I'm specifically talking about when you decide to bring wine, soda, or water onboard. Check in has become super easy breezy! Many of the contemporary lines don't print out cruise cards at the check in desk anymore--they will be ready for you at your stateroom. Be sure to keep your check in pass close, to take care of any early charges until you're allowed by the cabin. 3. You're on the ship!- You've taken your welcome photo and now you've become overwhelmed by the bombardment of all the tables set up with this dining deal and that drink deal. My recommendation is to take care of as many things possible at least 3 days prior to embarkation, so you can 1-avoid this overwhelm and 2-get the best possible pricing and availability. My personal game plan on embarkation day is to immediately go find lunch, and preferably at a less busy location. Then, I explore the ship a little to get my bearings before they allow us in our cabins. 4. Muster Drill- If you don't remember anything else I've written, REMEMBER THIS! There is a mandatory safety drill about an hour and a half before setting sail. As implied by the definition, you MUST attend. They will know if you don't and you will be on the naughty list--yes it does exist. Please have patience, be kind, and follow the crew's rules. The better they are followed, the sooner you are released to enjoy your cruise! 5. Set Sail!- Your voyage has now begun--enjoy it to the fullest! Take in all the shows, activities, brunches, lectures, dances, and so much more to your heart's content. Every night, you'll receive an itinerary with the ship's daily schedule of activities in your cabin.

So are you as homesick for cruising as I am now? If you're interested in river cruising and small ship cruising, there are options available for this summer. Shoot me a message, and we can discuss them for your next adventure. Happy Travels, Rita

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