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Is Cozumel the best port for groups?

Updated: Mar 3, 2020

Ever since I first met up with the COO of this corporate retreat, I knew they had wanted to change things up and head to Cozumel one year. Well four cruises later, and I was able to finally make this happen. And why do groups love Cozumel--because of its incredible versatility! There really is something for everyone on this little, yet powerful island. 1. Explorers- Mexico is rich in Mayan history. There are numerous ruins available for exploration, not only on the island of Cozumel, but also on mainland Mexico in Tulum. Tulum is just a 45 min (approx) ferry-crossing from Cozumel. 2. Foodies- Hello--it's Mexico! One of the world's 5 top food favorites--according to me lol. You can take in authentic cooking classes, meaning you're not learning Tex-Mex, but actual Mexican recipes. Homemade salsa--yup! Cooking class not your thing? What about a chocolate or tequila tasting? 😊😊 3. Active- If you're a little more active, why don't you participate in a latin dance class? Pump up the blood and learn some new dance moves for a night in the ship's dance club. 4. Relaxation- Beach--'nuff said. Cozumel is peppered with beautiful and relaxing beaches. There are various beach clubs and parks to indulge in the best beach waves and breeze. Some are exclusive, so you'll want to book those early. 5. Animal Lovers- Dolphins, bees, and sea lions, oh my! You can get up close and personal with a dolphin swim, visit the hives of the native bees, and watch a fun sea lion show while on the island....just not at the same time lol. 5. Artsy- I recently found out about this option! It's the excursion I would have done, had I not been meeting friends in port. You can paint and take home your own personal alebrije--you remember the brightly colored animals from "Coco"?

I can't definitively say that Cozumel is the best port for groups, but I know that regardless of how many personalities, Cozumel is surely able to provide an activity for everyone. There is no reason to be bored while here, or hesitant to plan a group cruise with a stop on the beautiful island. Happy Travels, Rita

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