• Rita M. Perez

How to add more value to your retreat

Today I wanted to go over some of the vendors you can partner with to bring a wonderful experience to your retreat attendees. As you know, I'm all about making the retreat experience and out of the world one for your clients, and here's just a few ways you can do that, as well.

1. Signage- Sounds simple, right? The cruise lines do provide some sort of signage, but I've found, that regular cruise guests can't really distinguish cruise line signage for private events, even if it does say “Private Event” on it. So in addition to any programs, or directional signs, I would also plan to have branded signage to give that extra alert to regular guests, but also make your attendees feel a little extra special.

2. Branding- Branding with promotional items really has no limit. This can include many of the standard items such as shirts, bags, lanyards, to some more specialty items like battery packs, towels, and metal straws. Also popular in our current times are safety items like branded masks, hand sanitizer, or wipes.

3. Subject Matter Experts- A great addition to any retreat, would be to bring or recruit a subject matter expert to educate on a certain topic throughout the retreat. This could be an expert in DEI or strengths building, to name a few topics. You could also bring onboard a general facilitator that could help with general team building activities or to emcee the events.

I hope this gets your creative juices going for how you can implement even more value to your cruise retreat. If you'd like to discuss even more options one-on-one, let's chat at a complimentary brainstorming session.

Happy Cruising,


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