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How are you staying occupied at the moment?

For those of you who are finding the options minimal while being quarantined at home, I wanted to share some fun ways and activities that you can do instead of gluing yourself to the news. Please let me know if you have any ideas I have not included :)

1. Puzzles- Hello my name is Rita and I have a puzzle problem lol. Legit I think I've bought almost 10 puzzles to help pass the time. I love them because they keep my mind focused on something else. Dowdle is currently running a Buy 2 Get 1 Free special. (Not an ad, just spreading some fun).

2. Photobook- Shutterfly (not an ad) is another great company providing some awesome deals at this time. Even if you're not able to purchase anything now, it's a great time to start, continue, or finish up some of those beautiful travel books.

3. Memories- Just like the photo above makes me so happy when I see it, it is so important to remember and relive happy moments in our lives right now. Take a look at old photo books, or go through your phone's photo gallery to find some joy.

4. Video Chat- When social distancing is so important, it is equally important to find resources to connect us. I've been having a ball doing some video chats with friends. We're able to come together to speak on the same gripes and laugh at the same funnies.

5. Dream- A new hashtag is coming around #armchairtravel. Just because we can't travel at the moment, doesn't mean we can't dream about future travels. So dream and dream big. We're all going to need a post-quarantine trip to go on when this is all over.

6. YouTube- YT is a great escape from reality and also a wonderful resource of knowledge. I'm on it frequently for both fun and education.

7. Journal- Sometimes it is helpful to write out your feelings and what is going on day to day. If speaking words isn't helping, try writing them.

8. Exercise- While there is little we can control in our lives right now, staying fit is still one of them. It may look different than you're used to, but there are lots of resources, if you need, to help you workout from home.

9. Spring Cleaning- Another thing you can still control--how clean your home is lol! Though not fun, at least now you don't have the "time" excuse to not get it done. I need to get started on this myself.

10. Master Class- Another thing I want to get into--learning a new skill. There are lots of offers for free master classes right now, in many trades. Be sure to take advantage of this--never hurts to learn something new.

Do you have any other ideas of how we can remain occupied during this time? I'm loving the creativity I've been seeing on social media. I have been thinking of gardening also, but not sure I want to make such a big commitment yet lol same with dying my hair purple. Decisions, decisions...

Happy Travels,


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