• Rita M. Perez

How are cruises working to keep our oceans clean?

Last week I also attended my first in person industry event in over a year and mannnn…did that feel so good. In the various presentations, I got to hear of how one cruise line is utilizing their resources for fuel. Later on in the week, I heard of another cruise line doing something similar. Thought it was about time to discuss some of the innovations the cruise industry is bringing forth to keep cruising as environmentally friendly as possible.

1. No single use plastics- Many cruise lines have been announcing for a few years now, their scaled elimination of single use plastics onboard such as water bottles and straws. I feel like this is one of the best steps in the right direction to make sure our ocean life is protected from these harmful plastics entering their ecosystem.

2. Alternative fuels- Many ships are starting to move in a better direction when it comes to their fuel usage, as well. Hurtigruten is implementing biofuel on their ships, aka utilizing dead fish, and Disney Cruise Line recently announced that their newest ship, the Disney Wish, would be utilizing liquefied natural gas which is a clean burning resource.

Additionally, I have been reading of special paintings and coatings that other cruise lines are trying to implement on the hulls of their ships to improve the ship's drag in the ocean, which would therefore reduce the amount of emissions.

3. Miscellaneous- Some other important initiatives that cruise lines are undergoing include waste management, and making sure they dispose of waste efficiently and safely. Many ships are also converting lights bulbs to LED bulbs.

4. What can you do?- I recently have started sailing (when we were sailing) with a reusable water bottle in an effort to help reduce my own footprint. Other very simple things you can do is bring reusable shopping bags with you and utilize them for your in port shopping. And even simpler--rehang your bath towels daily, to help save water from being used to launder. (This one has been a little tricky for me as sometimes the stateroom attendant takes the towels regardless).

Which of these items is the most intriguing to you? Do you have other ways that you try to keep sustainable while cruising? Please let me know, as I would love to share best practices.

Happy Cruising,