• Rita M. Perez

Group Leaders, do you know how to be the Pied Piper?

Unfortunately for us all, crossing fingers and toes won't work in every scenario, including promoting your group cruise. Today I'm specifically talking to small business owners who want to add a group cruise program to their offering of products. Part of the success of your group cruise (and what goes hand in hand with the charisma we talked about a few weeks ago) falls in how you promote the group to your following, just like the pied piper attracted the mice. Here's some key areas where you should be promoting your group cruise: 1. Mailing List- This works for both a physical address and an email address. You can create hype postcards to send via snail mail. In your weekly emails, you can also add a blurb to your following letting them know that you are putting together a group cruise for all your clients. You can also alert them and send them save the dates for an informational meeting you'll be hosting with me that will have the complete details. 2. Informational Meeting- The greatest of tactics is an in person event to get everyone excited. Invite everyone to your shop, or if you're a home-based business, somewhere themed to the destination you will be visiting. Have some light appetizers and decorations to match. This is where your charisma shines--your excitement is bound to get everyone on your list excited about this amazing opportunity. While you get them there and are the host, I'll be doing the work for you on the back end, helping answer questions, present the itinerary, and get your clients booked. 3. In Store Marketing- For those who were unable to attend the event, and new shoppers, I would post up signage in your store (especially by the check out), of this awesome opportunity. Having signage up front by check out also makes it a natural part of the check out process.

I hope these promo tips were helpful to you! I know sometimes the process can look daunting, but don't worry at all--that's why you have me :) Happy Travels, Rita

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