• Rita M. Perez

Fall Foliage here!

Doing something a little different this week.  Clearly haven't done a photo album in quite some time, and wanted to share with you all the beauty and wonder I found when I went up to New Hampshire about a month ago.  Enjoy!

Forest Hikes

These were so good for my soul!  My friend's home is situated on a huge family property and I was able to take almost daily hikes with her while I was up there.

Chipmunk Surprises

Friends--I didn't know the cuteness of the chipmunks until I went up there!.  There is a chipmunk pictured here, so it's now a scavenger hunt to find him/her :)

In the Town

My friend took us to the beautiful nearby town of Exeter, where I took this amazing shot of the changing tree.  And of course, I couldn't not take a picture of the local pumpkin patch.

Look up!

I have been suffering a lot recently from my autoimmune disease.  It was so important to me, to make sure I looked up to see the beauty from above, as well.

On the pond

My friend's home is located on this picturesque pond.  On one of the last days up there, the birds congregated at the peninsula and we heard a beautiful chirp-fest.  She said they tend to gather together when they are getting ready to migrate for the winter.

That's all for now-- have a great week!


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