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Ever stayed at a luxury property before?

Last month on Instagram stories, I posted photos and videos of the beautiful Ballantyne, a Luxury Collection, Hotel. And I also failed, because I forgot to save those photos to show you here lol! So, I'm going to flex my creative writing skills and paint you a picture of my arrival day. Enjoy!

My first impression of the Ballantyne, as I rolled up in my Uber, was "Is this it?". I knew it was it, but it seemed a little plain from the outside. Even the porte cochere attendant seemed a little casual. As soon as I walked in, I knew the exterior was just a facade for the gem of an interior. Not opulent, but modern sophistication. Whites, golds, and dark wood. Floor to ceiling window facing out to the golf course, and beautiful oval ring chandelier.

My gaze turns to the right where the two-person check in desk sits. Despite hopes that my room would be ready, it was not, so I proceeded to the restroom. Let me tell you, the bathroom was dazzling. I think it was my first video at the Ballantyne, I was so impressed. Luxury property, so you already know the finest finishes and hand-rolled cloth towels to dry your hands.

I didn't have many options and it was about lunch time, so my tummy was grumbling. I headed back to the lobby bar and was greeted by the lovely bartender. I ordered some sparkling water with lemon to refresh my tired senses and a simple turkey wrap to cure the growling tum tum. Man, was that the best turkey wrap I've ever eaten lol! She even brought me out my own personal glass jars of mayonnaise and dijon mustard. These are the special touches that elevate the experience. I lingered in the bar and caught up on some work until I received the magical phone call--my room was ready.

I gathered my things and proceeded back to the front desk, where I was handed my room key and given directions to the elevator. The gold elevator...with marble floors. This was next level. My giddy self pressed the button to the sixth floor. On the way to my room, I passed the double-door penthouse suite. Whoa! Now I won't spoil my room entirely, as I will be uploading a video tour, but I will say I enjoyed my "spa time" in the soaking tub and slept like a dream in the luscious bed.

Would I stay at the Ballantyne again? You better believe it! Felt like a queen, not only with all the special touches, but also the impeccable service I received (with the exception of one rotten egg, whose heart I melted in the end). Have you stayed at a property that made you feel like royalty? Tell me all about it :)

Happy Travels,


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