• Rita M. Perez

Do you meal prep, Traveler?

This week I decided to partner up with my friends Tony and Melissa, owners of Two Chef Mission, to bring you some meal prep ideas. Check out their website for some delicious recipes to add to your collection!

I'm sure you're thinking...umm...I thought you were the travel girl... and yes! I still am :) Buttttt...one of my personal biggest pain points when coming home from an amazing cruise is the sad reality that there is no one to cook and serve me meals anymore :( Here are some meal prep tips to lean on for when you return from your travels: 1. Freezer Meals- This would probably be my top choice (after ordering take out lol!). Pick out a favorite recipe that can be frozen and prep it up to the point that all you have to do is pop it in the oven or heat it up on a skillet. Your own home-cooked freezer meal is much, much healthier than the store-bought ones. 2. Grocery Delivery- Ok, this is another favorite and something I have actually done before. If you prefer a fresher meal, give yourself some ease and at least delegate the shopping to an app like Shipt or Instacart. 3. Quick and Easy- This should be an obvious when choosing a recipe for your return. There are many things to be done upon your return, so save Julia Child's Beef Bourguinon for another day. 4. Homestyle Meals- Another idea is to cook some good 'ol comfort food. You've probably been testing out your palette so often while abroad, that you may even be craving some home cooking. How does baked chicken legs, mac and cheese, and steamed broccoli sound to you? 5. Favorite Meal- When all else fails, stick with what you know...did you say tacos? :) A favorite meal is not only stress free, but also keeps you comfortable during your home transition.

Which one of these tips do you think you'll immediately implement the next time you return from a trip? Also, did you enjoy this collaboration? We sure hope you did. If you have other ideas for future collabs, please reach out to me :) Happy Travels, Rita

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