• Rita M. Perez

Did you know I have a team?

Now, more than ever, I'm so incredibly grateful to have a wonderful team of people to rely on in my travel business. When I curate your European river cruise journey, or put together an amazing (and seamless) cruise retreat for your employees or clients, the experience you receive is a direct reflection of a team of people:

1. My Supplier Team: When you receive your final itinerary from me, there are usually several components (including your cruise, airfare, travel protection, hotel stay, tours, etc.), and more. All of these components are sourced based on my relationships and experience with the tour operators and other suppliers with whom I have established a level of trust.

Anywhere from a luxury cruise with Silversea, to daily conference room sessions, to the private transfer to get you to your hotel in Budapest-- that can make the difference between an "okay" trip and a "stellar" one. Preferred travel providers take better care of my clients because they don't want to let me down...and I continue to support them because of it. Especially in our current travel world, their service stands out above the rest who may have blundered.

2. My Network of other Travel Advisors: I spend lots of time and money every year in professional continuing education and peer networking. My host agency, Nexion Travel Group, is made up of like-minded travel advisors who are some of the most brilliant (and fun!) folks I know. If a client comes to me with a request to curate an itinerary exploring the Mediterranean, an African Safari, or the wilderness of Alaska, I may not know the immediate answers....but I sure as heck know where to find them! We have each other's backs and our clients are the ones who reap the benefits!

3. My Team of Past, Present, and Future Clients: I really learn as much from YOU as I hope you do from me! Every group has different hopes, needs, and dreams for their perfect journey and it is MY job to make sure they are all met. My learnings from your honest feedback helps me to better serve you and your fellow travelers.

So that's who's on my team...and I'm sure you understand how we all work together to be successful. I hope it is reassuring to know how many folks have your back when you allow me to plan your next journey ! And, I may be adding an assistant to the mix here in the near future, to make sure your needs are even better accommodated. So, where will you go next?

Have a great week,