• Rita M. Perez

Did you know 3 or 4 nights could be best?

I bet you were surprised with the title of this week's article...I surprised myself lol. While I personally feel 3/4 night cruises are way too short, they are ideal for some instances including corporate retreats. Why do I believe that--let's dig deeper!

1. Time- Time is money and while it is important to make sure to take the time and invest in your employees, you can't take too much time away from your clients. Thankfully onboard wifi keeps improving year over year!

2. Communication- While wifi has become better onboard, we still cannot make calls back home to the office, without incurring astronomical fees per minute. Sure wifi calling makes things a little easier, but sometimes you just need to reach a good ol' fashioned landline.

3. Cost- A shorter cruise naturally incurs less expenses both on the cabin fare, as well as the meeting space fees, compared to a 7 night.

4. Less Distractions- The ships typically used on the shorter itineraries have less frills onboard meaning your attendees have less distractions to choose from when it's time for sessions.

And there you have it--the reasons 3/4 night cruises are more ideal for corporate retreats. Do you have specific questions pertaining to your idea and what length cruise would be best? Shoot me a message and I'd love to review the details with you.

Happy Travels,


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