• Rita M. Perez

Cruising "Post" Covid- Now What?

How do we cruise in an almost-post covid experience? Here's my special covid edition of “Now What?”:

1. I booked a cruise in this semi-post covid period, now what?

You should already know what the pre-entry requirements are for your cruise, and those are most likely going to include some sort of testing. Find where you can get the needed test and make an appointment to get tested there in the appropriate amount of time as required.

2. Do I need to wear a mask?

On airplanes, masks are still widely required, so make sure you have them on hand. Also check on what masks are required. For many international countries, they do require N95 masks and will not let you utilize cloth masks…big womp womp for me. Thank goodness that N95 masks are more easily accessible now compared to last year. For cruises from the states and vaccinated individuals, mask requirements are more relaxed.

3. Will the ships be full?

Nope, the cruise lines have limited capacity on their sailings for the foreseeable future. If you've ever wanted to sail with more personal space, now would probably be the best time :)

4. What if someone doesn't follow the safety protocols?

The cruise lines have a code of conduct onboard and anyone who does not follow those codes of conducts will be dealt with accordingly, up to removal from the ship in port.

5. What if I'm not vaccinated?

You can still sail on some cruise lines, you just may be subject to additional protocols and testing.

Do you have any additional cruise questions that I haven't covered here or on prior articles? Let me know! I'd like you to make an informed decision on whether or not cruising is right for you in the immediate future.

Have a great week,