• Rita M. Perez

Cruising down the Douro

It's been quite some time since I've done a destination showcase and I thought, well no better time than right now where we all could dream some more :)  This week, we're heading on a river cruise to Portugal on the Douro River.  Check out some of these highlights:

1. Wine and Port: Your river cruise may start, end, or be roundtrip from Porto, the historical region in which port was created.  The bountiful region for ports and wines is thanks to the early Romans who settled there and the British who traded and settled in the town.  

2. Salamanca: Salamanca is an ancient city in Spain, and UNESCO site.  It is lined with beautiful sandstone walls and is home to Europe's third oldest university.

3.  City of Bridges:  Porto is aptly nicknamed the “City of Bridges”, home to six different bridges, the oldest being built in 1877.

4.  Castelo Rodrigo:  A quaint medieval town surrounded in history.  You'll get a chance to explore and eat lunch at a local quinta, or country estate.  Enjoy not only a delectable lunch with local produce, but also partake in the local culture and entertainment.

5.  Mateus Palace and Gardens:  Being of the same name of the famous Mateus dry rosé, the ornate palace is located on lush gardens.  The palace is actually pictured on the rosé bottle, but does not produce the wine (even though they do produce others).  

A river cruise on the Douro sounds very relaxing with a nice mix of historical visits and local gastronomic experiences.  Do you think the Douro is right up your alley, or a river cruise you'd rather pass on?

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