• Rita M. Perez

Cruise Retreat Planning Made Simpler!

Spring and summer are quickly approaching here in Florida, and one of the few reasons I like them is...smoother sailing at sea :) That brings me to your friendly periodic reminder that right now, is the best time to start planning for your next cruise retreat or experience. Many cruise lines are already booking into 2023, as there is that much of a demand to travel now. Don't get caught without plans because you waited too long.

The 5 C's to Cruise Retreat Planning help with that--breakdown what can seem a daunting project, into smaller, manageable chunks. Let's review these quickly:

1. Cruise-Which cruise do you want to go on? How long do you want to be gone? Do you want to visit a new destination? Does it give you enough time for your educational programming?

2. Calculate- Budgetttttt! I know we all have a love/hate relationship with the budget, but it's important to know your numbers to help in the planning. The where/when of the Cruise can help determine this number.

3. Calendar- At the very bare minimum, you need at least 12 months to plan your cruise ship retreat. More time is definitely better, in terms of planning for you as the leader, but also the guests you bring aboard.

4. Curriculum- What will your onboard program look like? What do you want to teach? Do you have a theme? This is where working with me as your travel advisor is very helpful, as we need to marry your dreams with what is capable on the ship.

5. Captivate- Outside of the educational program, how do you want to bond with your attendees? How do you want to show appreciation? What can you do to make your group feel extra special? Captivate is like the cherry on top of the delicious ice cream sundae you have created.

And there you have it--the 5 C's to Cruise Retreat Planning. I tried to make them as bite-sizeable as possible. What questions do you have that I can help with?

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