• Rita M. Perez

Cruise Retreat ideas for your business!

Not wanting to leave the entrepreneurs out of the game, here are some ideas of how some small businesses could run a cruise retreat of their own.

1. Fitness and Wellness- If you have one of these businesses, you have the benefit of state of the art gym and spa facilities available onboard. You could do morning fitness classes on one of the top decks, or enjoy some calming morning yoga before the rest of the ship wakes up. There is a jogging track aboard for running laps, or walkathons.

2. Coaches/Masterminds- A cruise retreat is a more cost effective option, than doing a similar retreat on land. There are so many different spaces onboard that you can utilize for group coaching and teachings, as well as individual sessions. A cruise retreat is a great way to connect with your clients in person, as well, if you've been doing most coaching virtually this past year.

3. Culinary- I remember one of the first group cruises I planned was a Baker's Cruise for an award-winning pastry chef. We included things like baking demos onboard and pastry tours in ports. And this just doesn't need to be limited to foodies, if you have a beverage company, we can work our creative juices to create a unique retreat for you and your clients.

4. Gardening- Okay, this one is more of a joint venture opportunity than a retreat, but I had to let you know what a unique opportunity 2022 presents you with. The International Horticultural Floriade Expo only happens once every ten years in the Netherlands. Happening between April and October next year, this is the perfect river cruise opportunity for your gardening business or organization. Think Tulip Time on steroids!

Is your business in a separate niche and you're not sure if a cruise retreat could work? Or is your business niche listed above and you want to know more information about planning a cruise retreat. Schedule a brainstorming session with me, so we can chat!

Happy Cruising,


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