• Rita M. Perez

Are you ready to sail the Magdalena?

Last week, my favorite river cruise line, AmaWaterways, announced that they will be sailing to a new river in 2023--the Magdalena River in Colombia!! This was huge news to me for so many reasons, one being that I have wanted to visit Colombia for quite some time, but my motion sickness and the mountainous country made me really nervous. Being able to sail through the country, will put my mind at such ease now and I so look forward to sailing!

Like with many of their exotic destinations, they are partnering with a tour company that has local expertise. I feel like this is going to be similar, yet different than their European offerings. It feels like a hybrid between their African sailings (high focus on nature and wildlife), and Asia sailings (high focus on the people and culture).

While many people's initial responses have been a little archaic, I think it is also a really great opportunity to highlight how far Colombia has come through the years. The country's new campaign even names itself as “the most welcoming place on Earth”.

So what do you think of this announcement? Are you eager to set sail to the colorful rhythms of Colombia? I'll just be here attempting a cumbia until then :)

Have a great week,