Did you know there are themed American river cruises?

Do you remember last month's Showcase on American river cruises? This month I wanted to showcase some of the themed cruises on our great rivers. And I'm not talking about Tulip Time or Christmas--because the Europeans have those as well. Here are some quintessential itineraries that revolve around great American history and culture:

Lewis and Clark- Travel the same route as the early pioneers in the Pacific Northwest. The onboard historian will have you enveloped in tales of the Native Americans, fur trade, and the early settlers who forged the path to the West.

Civil War- Visit Vicksburg Military Park to learn more on the circumstances that led to the Civil War. Explore the battlefields that led to pivotal moments in our history. Onboard enrichment includes an overview of the tactics both Confederate and Union soldiers utilized to change the country's story.

Cherry Blossom- Come for a visit during the spring to experience the beautiful pink blooms in person. At the nation's capital, you'll see the blossoms strewn around top heritage points such as the Washington Monument. This is also a great cruise to learn more about the Revolutionary War, where you can make stops to Mount Vernon and Williamsburg.

Lobsterbake- Or should I say LobSTAH?! One of the first things I think of when I think New England is the seafood, particularly clam chow-dah. Indulge in these and many more delicacies of the north, while making notable stops in Martha's Vineyards and Newport.

Fall Foliage- Now there are ocean cruises that do fall foliage cruises, but I'm sure it doesn't compare to being able to see from an interior river. The added benefit of being on a river, is that you could virtually sail multiple cruises on the different rivers and get a different experience every time. I think it'd be neat to do a east coast vs west coast fall foliage comparison.

In addition to these, the American river cruise lines also have itineraries that feature the food and wine of all decadent regions. So which theme was your favorite? I think mine would be the Cherry Blossoms. It's been years since I've been to Washington DC, so I would love to explore the capital again, and take in the beautiful flowers, which have so much history.

Happy Travels!


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