What goals will you tackle in 2020?

What is one of your goals for 2020? I know many of you have big, hairy goals for your business this year, and are looking for out of the box ideas. Have you ever considered adding cruising to your business plan? Whether you are a small business entrepreneur, social media influencer, or corporate executive, cruising can offer a way to increase client loyalty, offer a new product or education, or increase workplace productivity. Want to know how? Here are just a few of the ways:

1. Increase client loyalty- You are clearly wonderful at what you currently do, entrepreneur! You have worked your tail off to get the top notch clientele you serve. You're probably already doing something to build on your client loyalty such as offer month clubs and exclusive perks to frequent shoppers. But what if you could "one up" all that? What if you were the first shop or service in your town to offer a travel program to your clients, where you travel to unique destinations, with your clients, to learn about the world beyond your borders? The bonds people create when they travel, more than surplus what could be achieved within the four walls of your office building.

Examples: Winery offering a river cruise through the Bordeaux region to their wine club members. Adventure gear store offering expedition cruising opportunities to their customers.

2. Offer a new product or education- Hi there influencer! 2020 is the year you drop focusing on vanity metrics and better align yourself with your value proposition. You know your following wants more of you, but what else is there left to give? Similar to the small business entrepreneur, you too, could implement a travel program this year. Hmm...but that's not enough for you. You've probably been wanting to put together an event to educate on your specialty topic, but don't have the scale or capital to achieve that goal. Take your event to the high seas or wide rivers! Did you know that meeting space aboard a vessel is virtually FREE? Did you know all basic meals are included with the cruise fare? These are just two of the huge expenses that you can kiss goodbye having a workshop at sea.

Examples: Chef hosting his followers aboard a French techniques intensive seminar cruise. Lifestyle influencer hosting daily workshops on style, organization, and budgeting on a Caribbean cruise.

3. Increase workplace productivity- Executive, I know numbers have been steadily climbing year over year, but you're really hoping for a breakthrough on your team. You've taken your team out to dinner, achieved ropes course success, and even explored your artsy side at a painting night. This year, you need to go big. This year, you need to take them on a trip. I know--you're probably thinking I'm insane right now, but similar to the social media influencer, you won't be blowing your budget out of the water. Your event at sea will increase this year's productivity because of the bonds your team is able to make away from the office. Not only that, they'll be bouncing new and creative ideas thanks to their colleagues, and the new environment they have been temporarily put in.

Examples: Tech company hosts annual corporate retreat at sea for 100 staff members to learn and engage with each other. Marketing firm takes their employees on a weekend cruise retreat to learn more about the latest digital marketing tactics and come up with a plan for implementation.

Are you ready to tackle your big, hairy goals for 2020? Do you think any of these methods would help you move that needle? If you believe yes, then let's chat! Remember, consultations are always complimentary with me. I'd love to work with you and help you achieve great success this year and always.

Happy Travels!


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