I hereby resolve to...

Greetings! Happy New Year's Eve!! We made it--2020 is right around the corner, and I can't wait!! I had such high hopes for 2019--19 is my favorite number, but clearly not my lucky one lol. While certain things did happen TO me, I'm going to focus on what they TAUGHT me. In 2019, I learned to be more patient--wayyy more patient lol. I was able to more clearly identify the things and people who are not serving me; I was also able to more clearly identify my business focus.

My word for 2019 was transformation, and boy do I feel transformed, just not the way I was thinking/hoping. I think the biggest and most beneficial transformation is happening in my health, as recent issues have brought a better me out. I've been working out for the past few months, and just in the last few weeks started yoga, which I LOVE and am soooo grateful for. 2019 may not have gone the way I wanted, but I think, looking back, it was what I needed.

And with that, I think I'll be settling on the word ACTION for 2020. In many ways I feel like I have been hibernating for a very long time, and the past few years have been setting up for a big pop of action. Do you have a word for 2020, or do your more work with resolutions? Here are some resolutions that I bless on to you--remember to stand up and place your hand over your heart.

I resolve to...:

...be a better global ambassador exhibiting the true spirit of America--not what is on TV.

...take any and all vacation time we've earned...and steal whatever extra days off we can.

...go someplace new in 2020, instead of returning to the old tried and true go-to vacation destinations.

...stop saying you've "done" a country, knowing deep down that we could never really know a country unless we lived there.

...consciously unplug for longer and longer stretches when we travel.

...make our politicians see time off for travel as a right, not a luxury; so we can rest, recharge, rejuvenate and reignite our passions being more creative, loyal, and productive employees.

... NOT do last minute "guilt" souvenir shopping at the airport shop on the way home.

...take better pictures--but not so many that we forget to see what is in front of us.

...buy quality travel gear and take less of it.

...learn something new in each place we go about the culture, language, cuisine, politics, history, and religion.

...turn strangers in strange lands into our friends.

...not let technology get in the way of us meeting fellow travelers and indigenous people when traveling.

...integrate travel more into our lives, as we have with a good diet, exercising regularly, and sleeping right. Travel is good for us in so many ways, be it physically, mentally, and spiritually.

...be more patient dealing with the trials and tribulations of traveling -- be they TSA lines, surly customer service reps, over-packed late flights, noisy hotel rooms, boorish fellow travelers, or screaming babies.

Happy New Year! I look forward to working with you to plan some amazing trips for you and your groupies!

Happy Travels!


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