River Cruises...in the States?

So for this month's edition of the Showcase, I wanted to go over American River Cruising (because let's be honest, it would never win in a Showdown compared to European River Cruising lol!). I'm addicted to YouTube and saw a video of a river cruise through Alaska--I know, you're probably sick of me talking about Alaska...but know, that is an option. Here are some more unique destinations you can visit by cruising on some of the great American rivers:

Mississippi- Can't start without discussing the most famous American river of all! From New Orleans to Minneapolis--there is something for everyone on this river. Because of it's incredible length, most cruises are split between a lower and upper Mississippi cruise. The lower is filled with delicious southern delicacies and enormous plantation homes. The upper is abundant with gorgeous landscapes along the river that inspired many great artists and writers, such as Mark Twain.

Columbia and Snake- The Pacific Northwest is calling. Having been in that region earlier this year, I know this river cruise will have an abundance of glorious nature surrounding you as you go. You'll also be sipping on some of the best wines the region has to offer. This is the route where many trekked the "Oregon Trail" in hopes to find prosperity in the great gold rush.

Ohio, Tennessee, and Cumberland- Welcome to the heart of America! While there are many historical museums located in this region, you can't forget the award-winning moonshine. Take a step back in history and learn more about President Abraham Lincoln. Or visit an old saddletree factory and take up the art of glass-blowing on this cruise.

St. Johns and Tolomato- Yes, we even have our own famous river here in Florida. This roundtrip cruise from Jacksonville will take you on a journey of natural Florida. When I close my eyes and think of what that means, I see an abundance of wildlife next to a giant body of water. I see our natural springs and St. Augustine--the first settlement in the States with the oldest fort. Come see Florida as it has always been even before all the hustle and bustle of theme park living.

Hudson- Visit the town of Sleepy Hollow! Walk on the grounds at West Point. The Hudson is a river filled with the grandeur of high society names as the Astors and Vanderbilts. You will also cruise by the birthplace of another president--President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Have you been imagining yourself walking through some of the same paths early Americans did? I certainly have! When I travel I usually think of going off to another country, and that makes me overlook some of the great treasures we have in our own-- many of them are still unseen by me. And funny enough, I think the one most intriguing me is the one in Florida because although I've lived here all my life, I've only been to a small amount of the state. Which of these rivers intrigues you the most and why?

Happy Travels!


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