Hear me out, Traveler!

This week's blog is going to be a little....controversial... to say the least. I know, you know, the benefits of using me as your travel advisor, but many do not (and that's ok). Some people do not know how invaluable using a travel advisor can be. I hope this article can serve to educate anyone who has misconceptions of what it means to use a travel advisor.

When not to call a travel advisor:

1. To price shop- We have a saying in the travel community-- "The internet is for looking, and travel advisors are for booking". So yes, go do all the research you'd like online, and then come to me when you're ready to book. Of course, working with me wholly would help you to save time and cut the clutter, I know many would prefer to do their own research. Price-shopping also includes other utilizing other travel advisors to pin them to compete. I'm in the service business, not the competition business. Also, that's very icky ethically and a moral entrepreneur won't participate in it

2. You're not serious- Because you really only want to pick my brain and not give me the business or because you think you want to go on vacation, but your heart is not totally set on it. There's so many or's I could add here, but the gist is, I'm a professional. I'm not going to waste your time, so please don't waste mine. Also, my brain---that cost thousands of dollars to build up over the years from either personal travel or attending educational conferences or studying to be certified. The least you can do is thank me for the assistance by giving me the business.

3. To get you out of a pickle- Oh how many times has this happened where someone gets in a bind, and think that's where I can come in to swoop and save the day. And I do...for my clients. However, there have been many a time when someone has not booked their vacation with me, thinking I can assist, and I just simply cannot. One-- because that is way too much liability inserting myself into a situation and Two-- because I don't work for free. The relationship between a travel advisor and a client is a like a story--it has (and needs) a beginning, middle, and end. We do not work for only one of those parts.

So next time you hear a buddy say "I think I'm going to reach out to your travel advisor and pick their brain", gingerly let them know, that's not how we work. And please give them your amazing experience of how we worked together.

If we haven't worked together before, I hope this has served as a guide for some "out's" of working with a travel advisor. If you ever have any questions on what I do and/or can do, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Happy Travels!


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