Are you prepared for Queen Elsa territory?

Something that will surely brighten your spirits, is winter travel. It is slowly (or quickly) creeping up upon us. Some will be traveling to warm areas and others will be traveling to colder areas. This will be a quick guide on how to prepare for winter travel in colder areas, from my experience in prepping for my European Christmas river cruise.

1. Layers- This is similar to Alaska, except you won't be peeling them off! I'm talking about temperatures that wavered between 20-40 degrees Fahrenheit, even though a 40 day did wager less layers than a 20 day. Base Layer--long johns of course, or thermal underwear. Mid Layer(s)--Long sleeved shirt and/or sweater on top and jeans on bottom. Outer layer--my Columbia insulated jacket with hood. Make sure your outer layer is about a size or two bigger than your regular size, to accommodate for all the layers underneath. Also, make sure to have nice sized pockets, as another layer to protect your hands.

2. Boots- I brought 2 kinds with me and of course used them both for different days. I wore a water repellent hiking boot for "warmer" days, and a warm duck-type boot for the colder days...aka the days there was snow on the ground.

3. Accessories- These were so important!! Man between these and the boots, I'm very glad I live in a warm weather climate and only need to visit the cold. Scarf--check!, beanie/hat--super check!, gloves--check! (and for these, make sure you have the ones where you can still use your phone at the finger tips). On top of these basics, I did buy a theft-resistant bag from Travelon. Only regret is that I wish it was bigger to hold all these accessories when we were inside. The one I brought was messenger bag style, so I could be both hands-free, and have the ability to walk with the bag in front of me for security reasons.

So there you have it--a super quick guide for prepping for winter travel! One last thing to be aware of is planning, as these warmer clothes take up much more space in your luggage and carry much more weight compared to tank tops and shorts. Plan for mix and match outfits, as well as look to see what the laundry charges are onboard, so you can bring less bulk with you.

Happy Travels!


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