Which river is better for wine-ing??

Let's get ready to rumble!! It's our monthly showdown edition and this month we are comparing wine river regions. Wine river cruise are becoming increasing popular, but which is the perfect region for you?? Let's find out as we compare the top regions in France: Bordeaux and Provence.

The Bordeaux region (and city) is located on the Southwest of France and sails on the Dordogne and Garonne rivers.

Reasons to visit:

1. Wine Capital of the World- No explanation needed here--if you're a wine aficionado, you know this to be truth. And while this region might not have your favorite wines, I think it would be suffice to say that Bordeaux is the epicenter of wine-making and viticulture.

2. Chateau Vineyards- Take in a vineyard hike and/or tasting among the varied amazingly gorgeous chateaus in the region.

3. Port of the Moon- The city was added as a UNESCO World Heritage Site as it has maintained it's original purpose of exchange and commerce. This functionality spurred an Age of Enlightenment in the region.

The Provence region is located on the Southeast of France and sails on the Rhone river.

Reasons to visit:

1. Lavender fields and Olive farms- Sounds so poetic, doesn't it? Have all five senses resonating, especially sight, smell, and taste--can you imagine it?

2. Inspiration for the Impressionists- Van Gogh was inspired in the region to paint such timeless pieces as "The Starry Night".

3. First grapes- Because of its incredible climate, the first grapes in France were grown in Provence. It is most popular for its red wines, and moreover its rosé.

What I find tough about this decision is that you have the mecca of the wine industry versus a region that feels a little more well-rounded. It is important to note that both regions have impeccable and award-winning culinary dining options. World-renowned chefs have settled new establishments in both regions, so a wine pairing is sure to be a treat regardless of which you select.

With that said, I do believe that Provence is going to win my showdown. I think it's probably become evident from my past showdowns at how pro-whole experience I am, and I think that Provence provides that just slightly better than Bordeaux, especially with its varied multi-sensory experiences. So tell me, do we match in our Showdown selections??

Happy Travels!


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