Traveler, did you know I could do this?

Now, I know you know the value of using a travel advisor because you have used me to book a recent journey. (And yes, we're called travel advisors now because we do so much more than just book your trips.) Last year was deemed the year of the travel advisor and with that 12 tenets. I'll spare you all 12 tenets, but here's just a few you might not have been aware of.

1. Travel Advisors have access to exclusive benefits- I was so excited earlier this month to help one of my clients earn a few extra benefits on her premium Mediterranean cruise for next year. Not only did she get amazing offers for a public deal being offered, but she also received an exclusive rate and amenities because of my agency's connections. On her cruise she will have access to a private host, private small group cocktail reception, and private small group exclusive excursion in one of her ports. This is part of a Distinctive Voyages program my agency offers to premium and luxury cruisers to unique destinations around the world.

2. Travel Advisors study hard to become specialists- Every year I strive to attend a few travel education events. The biggest event is my host agency's annual conference--this was my most recent one at the Universal Orlando resort. I also attend local vendor supplier events and ship inspections. Additionally, there are occasional specialty education seminars that I have attended and/or received certifications in such as group travel, meetings and events cruises, and intro to luxury travel. At these events I receive insider info such as AmaWaterways announcing they would be cruising in Egypt and adding a land extension to Lake Como in 2021. At these events, they usually also give us exclusive offers for our clients, which leads me to my next point...

3. Travel Advisors are passionate travelers, first and foremost- I LOVE to talk travel, experiences, ships, destinations, etc.! While I normally work with you on trips as they come, I would like to become an even better service to you and think ahead to your future investments. We all have a bucket list and I'd love you to share yours with me :) My 5 year bucket list currently is to go on a Rhine or Tulip Time river cruise, cruise around Ireland, and a safari adventure in southern Africa. What is on yours?? Be sure to email me, so that not only we can chat about it, but also so I can be on the lookout when I am given exclusive offers to share.

I sincerely hope that you have oh'd or ah'd to at least once of the three tenets I have shared with you. And if you ever wonder if I can help you with a certain travel-related query or inquiry, please do not hesitate to ask me for clarification or guidance.

Happy Travels!


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