Racing in Monaco or Ancient Greek Ruins??

Starting off this month with a bang--it's our Showdown Edition. And guess what-- we're going East and West (again!). I've had quite a few more wonderful people asking me about cruises to the Mediterranean and I thought it would be a good time to share some knowledge on the differences between an Eastern Med and a Western Med cruise.

Eastern Mediterranean cruises sail to countries including Italy, Croatia, Turkey, and Greece

Port Experiences include:

1. Game of Thrones tours!- (You should know me well enough by now!). Dubrovnik was a filming location and inspiration for King's Landing. You too, can walk the path of Cersei's famous Walk of Shame.

2. Visit a Greek God- In Olympia, you can visit the Temple of Zeus, and many other Grecian ruins. Afterwards, visit a local vineyard and partake in some wine tasting.

3. Enter the Old World- Visit parts of the former Ottoman Empire in Istanbul. Not only will you pass by some of the oldest mosques in the world, but you can also visit with the pungent aromas of the Spice Market.

Western Mediterranean cruises sails to countries including Italy, Spain, and France

Port Experiences include:

1. Becoming a Gladiator- Or at least pretend to, as you visit the renowned Colosseum, its many rooms, and the nearby Roman Forum

2. Lunch and Flamenco- Not only must you stop at La Sagrada Familia, but you must also take in a traditional paella in Barcelona, while being entertained by dancing performers.

3. Grand Prix Circuit- While you may not actually be racing one of the vehicles for the championship, you do get drive along their same route. Afterwards, you'll have some free time to spend you casino winnings at the nearby jewelry boutiques.

Clearly this is a tough decision--at least it is for me! Ok, you tell me first--which would you choose?

{Insert Jeopardy music here}

So do we match--because my Showdown winner is the West!! While I personally haven't done either cruise, the Western Mediterranean has been on my radar for quite a bit of time longer. I, of course, want to try both cruises, maybe on a back to back (cruise both itineraries in 2 weeks)---that would be fun! Or maybe spend an extra few days onboard with a 10 day cruise.

Happy Travels!


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