So what did I think of the ship?

So what about the beautiful Ovation of the Seas? Here's my breakdown!

1. Ship Size and Areas- I was so happy to be on a smaller ship, compared to the Harmony. It didn't feel as crowded because 1-less people and 2- I loved the deck plans more as they seemed more split, giving a cozy and more intimate feeling. I'll be posting pictures in my Facebook Page this week. The ship's size also helped to avoid some motion sickness, however, it also hindered us from getting further in to see Dawes Glacier.

2. Food- This also won over the Harmony. I was thoroughly unimpressed and disappointed in the main dining room on my last cruise, but this cruise on the Ovation gave me a change of heart. Food tasted so much better--and not just in the main dining room. The complimentary areas did not disappoint--the Solarium Bistro was an area we frequented for both the low key atmosphere and healthier options (my vegetarian sibling and cousins had many options). Cafe Two70 had delicious breakfast sandwiches and a first for me--a bagel bar with so many options for toppings!

3. Entertainment- Now this part was very disappointing, unfortunately. I think my favorite show was "Pixels", which many give low marks for, but my family thought it was an incredibly fun and colorful show. "A Beautiful Dream" did not hold a candle to the fabulous "Columbus" on the Harmony. The story was somewhat confusing and hard to follow and I didn't enjoy much of the music they utilized. "Live, Love, Legs" was their Las Vegas type show, and it's charms simply did not enthrall me. I would only go back to see Pixels.

4. Onboard Activities- I was both delighted and disappointed in these, though whenever we couldn't find something to do, we simply hung out on our balcony and whale-watched, which is a joy in itself! I was delighted because there were quite a few amazing incredible activities you could pre-book including a brunch, all access ship tour, sushi-making class, indoor sky-diving, and North Star observation deck, amongst a few others. Some of these do come with a charge. Onboard, you can also reserve for things such as the complimentary escape room (which we did, but had to unfortunately cancel in favor of more time in port).

5. Alaskan Lectures- Now in all honesty, I was unable to attend any of these as they did not fit into our schedule. That was part of the disappointment--there were not more options of enrichment lectures onboard, as well as their topics truly lacking in Alaskan history. One lecture had to do with international organized crime, which, what that has to do with Alaska, I have no idea lol. Please enlighten me if you do.

So would I go back on the Ovation of the Seas--most certainly yes! Would I go back for another trip to Alaska--most definitely not! I want to visit more Alaskan ports when I return, and I'd like a more enriching onboard experience, to immerse me deeper in the Alaskan history and culture. If you'd like to know more on my experience, do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Happy Travels!


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