Remember these for Alaska!

Today's blog is going to be a little short, but sweet :) I wanted to pass on the little tidbits I have accumulated regarding some of the essentials you need to pack when cruising Alaska. When I return back home, I'm going to be uploading a video on YouTube to show you some of these things, as well as if they were really needed on the trip.

1. Binoculars- Remember how I've talked about all the amazing wildlife you see in Alaska? Well, I've read in so many places, that it's essential to bring binoculars with you, so you can see everything even closer, and from your balcony cabin.

2. Rain Jacket- Another Alaska essential, especially during July and August, is a rain jacket because of the rainy season. The thickness of a rain jacket will also help to keep warm during the yo-yo temps.

3. Waterproof Shoes- So much debate on this one! I almost bought new hiking boots, but I decided against it. I instead bought a can of waterproof spray and got the protection on 2 pairs of boots I have with me. There is nothing worse than walking around with wet feet! You can also find waterproof covers to put over your shoes.

4. Power Bank- I needed a new one because I was not going to missing out on any of the beauty and wonder that I've seen in Alaska. If you bring one, make sure to pack it in your carry on (not checked baggage), and also make sure it is less than 100wh (safety restrictions when flying).

5. Layers- I'm pretty sure I've said this before also--be like Shrek...an onion with layers lol! I have packed a wide range of clothing: long jeans, short jeans, long sleeves, short sleeves, winter gear, etc. I also packed with me a cami and tank top last night, just in case (you know me and insurance lol). This for me is going to be the juiciest "test", as packing for Alaska is a little all over the place!

Alright, that's all folks! When you've traveled Alaska, was there something not on this list, you absolutely recommend we should have?

Happy Travels!


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