Stronger bonds are made at sea?

This blog is our monthly Showdown Edition--dun dun DUN!!!! I know many of you are business owners and/or bloggers, and that means that of course you have a customer base/following. Aside from customer acquisition, one of the most (slash probably the most) important aspects of your business to work on is customer loyalty and retention. More and more entrepreneurs are beginning to host events to build loyalty and these events focus on building relationships through social and/or educational gatherings. But decisions, decisions...do you host your own event on land or at sea? Let's dig in!

Loyalty Event on Land

Best for:

1. Those who get motion sick- As the venue isn't moving to the motion of the waves at all times

2. More open spaces- Meaning, there are more places to escape and take time away from the group

3. Selling merchandise- If merch is a key component to a successful event, a land event definitely wins over sea, because you are not allowed to collect any money onboard a ship. A work-around for this (if you're really wanting to go to sea) is to sell merch beforehand, and then distribute on the ship, or prior to leaving for the event.

Loyalty Event at Sea

Best for:

1. Cost effectiveness- Did you know that most meeting/public spaces can be reserved for free? Also, because it's a cruise, food and beverage is included with everyone's cruise fare, saving you a huge chunk of money, compared to a land-typical huge per person expense.

2. More included leisure activities- This goes with cost effectiveness, as well, but there are so many included onboard activities and entertainment, that your guests will never be bored. This also ensures they can keep as busy as they would like, and there is sure to be something for everyone offered.

3. "Camp" setting- This is the part where you will see everyone strengthening their bonds upon the waves--the camp-like atmosphere with almost "forced" interactions, not only because there is so much offered, but also because you are on a ship in the middle of the ocean or river. This, combined with your planned programming, is a near sure-fire way to improve customer retention.

So close your eyes and just picture your event--what types of workshops or seminars would you include? What setting is standing out to you more? And how innovative do you want to be to set yourself about in your business category? It's one thing to promote a weekend workshop on wellness at a hotel, but it's a whole 'nother thing to invite your clients on a 3 day wellness cruise where you are able to assist mind, body, soul, at an incredibly cost effective rate to your budget. This is why a loyalty event at sea wins this showdown for me!

Not only is it more cost effective, but loyalty events at sea are slowly, but surely creeping up on popularity that you want to be sure you are the first of it's kind among your industry. Major loyalty bonus points if you can be the first, as it gives your clients bragging rights (which therefore gives you an elevated look amongst competitors). If you're interested in a complimentary consultation to discuss ideas on putting together a loyalty event at sea for your clientele, let's get you scheduled today!

Happy Travels!


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